EasyGreen SeaWeed Green Natural Formula
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A new seaweed based 100% natural water soluble, especially formulated by EasyGreen for wheatgrass and greens. 

The only fertilizer to sweeten your wheatgrass! Earth's ocean is a major source of natural elements in their perfectly balanced form. Growers have normally used NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium,) fertilizers only. The importance of micronutrients was recently recognized by the scientific community and their importance in the growing cycle of a plant. Sea weed contains most, if not all the micro elements in an inorganic form ready to be absorbed by a plant. Our EasyGreen SeaWeed Solution is scientifically designed to intensify and increase micro green and wheatgrass growth. We tested it with commercial greenhouses and botanical laboratories. Makes wheatgrass and other greens grow faster and bigger, with healthier root systems. It accelerates cell growth and replication, and builds plant immune systems. EasyGreen SeaWeed Solution is all organic, formulated as concentrated enhancer of flavor and aroma resulting in sweeter, better tasting wheatgrass!. No other product on the market uses ingredients that can match the quality, purity and potency of the ingredients used to produce our EasyGreen SeaWeed Solution. We have licensed a major Oceanography University to produce our unique solution. The growth and heath of the tiny baby sprouts, micro greens and wheatgrass are strongly enhanced by feeding their delicate roots with a well balance fertilizer. Build a good Karma with your tiny baby greens!

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EasyGreen SeaWeed Green Natural Formula

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