Sproutman's 100% Natural Hemp Sprout Bag
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Sproutman's 100% Natural Hemp Sprout Bag is made of raw hemp for extra durability. Lasts for years! Sprout bags will grow any seed, but they're perfect for all grains and beans including mung, lentil, garbanzo, adzuki, wheat, barley, rye, kamut, peanut, quinoa, cress, arugula, fenugreek, flax and more.

Why a Bag?
 People often assume sprouts are best grown in jars. Indeed, in the hands of a diligent gardener, jars can successfully grow several varieties of sprouts. But jars were never designed for sprouting. Their popularity has more to do with their wide availability and free cost than with their merits as a gardening tool. While there are other types of sprouters available with different features, the sprout bag is a perfect substitution for the jar, with several advantages.


Designed for sprouting. Saves time. Very convenient.
All sprouts get air. Good circulation prevents mold.
100% drainage without tilting or waiting. Water never collects.
Will sprout all varieties. All grains, all beans, even gelatinous seeds.
Convenient. Only 2 steps. Dip in water, hang on hook or knob. Or lay in dish rack.
Saves counter space. Saves refrigerator space. Bags expand and contract per volume.
Lightweight, unbreakable. Great for traveling, camping, boating.
Wide opening for easy handling. Holds equivalent to 3/4 gallon jar.
Fabric won't shrink or mold, like cotton, burlap or cheesecloth.
Made from durable flax (linen) and hemp fibers.
Flax sprout bag discovered by Sproutman circa 1979.

Sprout bags are perfect for making delicious sprout bread.

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Sproutman's 100% Natural Hemp Sprout Bag

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